HP C6658A, HP No 58, HP No58 Colour PhotoInk

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Product Description


INK COLOUR : Colour Photo Ink
COMPATIBILITY : HP Deskjet 3620, HP Deskjet 3650, HP Deskjet 3650v HP Deskjet 3653, HP Deskjet 3658, HP Deskjet 3843 HP Deskjet 3845, HP Deskjet 3845xi, HP Deskjet 3847 HP Deskjet 3848, HP Deskjet 450, HP Deskjet 450cbi HP Deskjet 450ci, HP Deskjet 450wbt, HP Deskjet 5145 HP Deskjet 5150, HP Deskjet 5150v, HP Deskjet 5150w HP Deskjet 5151, HP Deskjet 5160, HP Deskjet 5168 HP Deskjet 5500, HP Deskjet 5550, HP Deskjet 5550v HP Deskjet 5550w, HP Deskjet 5551, HP Deskjet 5552 HP Deskjet 5650, HP Deskjet 5650v, HP Deskjet 5650w HP Deskjet 5652, HP Deskjet 5655, HP Deskjet 9600 HP Deskjet 9650, HP Deskjet 9670, HP Deskjet 9680 HP Deskjet 9680gp, HP Deskjet D2360, HP Deskjet D2400 HP Deskjet D2460, HP Deskjet F2100, HP Deskjet F2110 HP Deskjet F2120, HP Deskjet F2179, HP Deskjet F2180 HP Deskjet F2224, HP Deskjet F2235, HP Deskjet F2238 HP Deskjet F2275, HP Deskjet F2276, HP Deskjet F2280 HP Deskjet F2288, HP Deskjet F340, HP Deskjet F350 HP Deskjet F370, HP Deskjet F380, HP Deskjet F4100 HP Deskjet F4185, HP Officejet 4211, HP Officejet 4212 HP Officejet 4215, HP Officejet 4215v, HP Officejet 4215xi HP Officejet 4219, HP Officejet 4255, HP Officejet 4256 HP Officejet 4259, HP Officejet 5605, HP Officejet 5610 HP Officejet 5610v, HP Officejet 5610xi, HP Officejet 5615 HP Officejet 6110, HP Officejet 6110v, HP Officejet 6110xi HP Officejet 6150, HP PSC 1310, HP PSC 1311 HP PSC 1312, HP PSC 1315, HP PSC 1315v HP PSC 1315xi, HP PSC 1317, HP PSC 1340 HP PSC 1350, HP PSC 1350v, HP PSC 1350xi HP PSC 1355, HP PSC 2105, HP PSC 2108 HP PSC 2110, HP PSC 2110v, HP PSC 2110xi HP PSC 2115, HP PSC 2150, HP PSC 2170 HP PSC 2171, HP PSC 2175, HP PSC 2175vV HP PSC 2175xi, HP PSC 2179, HP PSC 2210 HP PSC 2210v, HP PSC 2210xi, HP PSC 2212 HP PSC 2310, HP PSC 2405, HP PSC 2410 HP PSC 2510, HP PSC 2510xi, HP PSC 2550 HP Photosmart 2405, HP Photosmart 2450, HP Photosmart 7155w HP Photosmart 7260, HP Photosmart 7260v, HP Photosmart 7260w HP Photosmart 7345, HP Photosmart 7350, HP Photosmart 7350v HP Photosmart 7350w, HP Photosmart 7445, HP Photosmart 7450 HP Photosmart 7450v, HP Photosmart 7450w, HP Photosmart 7450xi HP Photosmart 7459, HP Photosmart 7550, HP Photosmart 7660 HP Photosmart 7660v, HP Photosmart 7660w, HP Photosmart 7755 HP Photosmart 7760, HP Photosmart 7760v, HP Photosmart 7760w HP Photosmart 7762w, HP Photosmart 7765, HP Photosmart 7960 HP Photosmart 7960gp, HP Photosmart 7960v, HP Photosmart 7960w
PRODUCT TYPE : HP Print Ink Cartridge

  • Actual yields vary considerably based on images printed & other factors
  • The Inkjet Print Cartridge delivers HP quality and unsurpassed reliability.
  • A critical component of the printing system, the reliable, low-maintenance
  • HP cartridge combines patented, pigment-based HP ink with sophisticated printhead technology.
  • In independent tests of the HP and leading remanufactured cartridge brands, the HP was over 9 times more reliable, on average.
  • The HP Cartridge is critical to achieving consistent, professional results, making it an excellent value.

Warranty Details
Warranty Period: 6 months limited warranty from the install before date
Extended Warranty: N/A
Return To: HP - Call 13 10 47

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer HP


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